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BinxPrep Ranking Window

The ‘Ranking’ window summarizes your profile. It begins with your overall placement in the collection of Streamer members. It is important to note this placement is not within all members. Just amongst those who have declared as Streamers.

Just below this you will find a Binx Popularity measure. Your profile popularity is represented with one to five Binx gears. Your popularity is defined by a special Binx algorithm that measure followers, views, time spent streaming, total time as a Streamer and a couple of secret sauce data points. Login to your profile page in order to learn more.

Member name and the streaming genres you selected in your profile present nest on the screen. Along with your avatar icon and a few other filter points from your membership.

If you find any information that you wish updated ( or corrected ), click on the “Update” button at the bottom of the screen and you will be taken to your profile page. Where updates can be made with ease.


for more tips.

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