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B.S.A.: How to promote a tweet

Learn how you can send tweets out directly from inside the Binx Stream Assist app to your followers as well as a constantly growing list of retweeting services. With one click, expand your outreach to a huge list of prospective followers.

for more tips.

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Downloading Binx Stream Assist
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Getting started with BinxPrep


What is a Streamer
How to become a Streamer
How to share your donation links
Promote your giveaways
How to invite friends

Binx Stream Assist

Promote your giveaways
Promote your stream on Twitter
Downloading Binx Stream Assist



Getting started with BinxPrep
About the Socialize window
About the Promote window
About the Ranking window

Binx TwitchTools

About statistics graphs
About the Game Graph tool
About the Top Binx Streamer tool


What is a Sponsor
How to become a Sponsor
Find a Binx specialist


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Setting up Binx donations custom link

All you have to do is login and connect your Paypal account for immediate access to your own custom donation link. Every link can be shared in email, chat, website or text.

for more tips.

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How to share a Giveaway on the web

Learn how to easily add your Giveaway listings to the website and have them tweeted out to our connected Twitter accounts. A super easy way to promote your stream.

for more tips.

More videos Statistics

This data visualization page offers three graphical tools. The first, “Analytics for Twitch Stat”, is an hourly view that matches Streamer ...



Game Graph

The “Game Graph” is a unique way to look at the hourly data drawn from Each hour games are evaluated in relation to ...



Top Binx Streamers

The ‘Top Binx Streamers’ graph shares the daily top streaming Binx members who have the most followers and views. Visitors ...



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Binx Stream Assist
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Does Binx Stream Assist replace OBS
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